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Gardening is a hobby I enjoy. I guess I’m a nurturer. I like to see things grow, bloom and thrive. I’d quite like to get into landscaping because I also like to see gardens looking fantastic. I’d probably always need help from companies like tree removal jacksonville fl but it would be fun to be able to achieve most of it myself. But for now, I’m focusing on planting. This year, I planted a culinary herb garden. I planted my favorites – basil, cilantro, oregano, sage, Italian parsley, thyme and rosemary. They’re in a raised cedar planter made from timber supplies near the door for easy scissor snapping access. I have to say a special thank you and shout out to my husband who custom built my planter. It really is beautiful. If you’re looking for garden storage as I’m soon to be wanting, garden site has decent prices on metal garden storage.


These herbs are all recommended by Pacific Northwest master gardeners. They will all do well here in the summer, as long as they get about 6 hours of sunshine a day. Container gardening also works well in the Pacific Northwest because it helps the plants stay a little warmer during our chilly nights. I’m pretty sure I see fewer slug issues with containers too. Maybe they don’t like getting slivers in their slug bellies if they try to crawl up the wooden planter. 🙂

Eggs on tomatoes with fresh cilantro and avocado
Eggs on tomatoes with fresh cilantro and avocado

Fresh herbs are essential in taking the most ordinary and simple dishes to extraordinary and flavorful. The dish above just wouldn’t be the same without the fresh tangy cilantro.

Raindrops on of my favorite things
Raindrops on roses…one of my favorite things

I also love a wide variety of flowers in the garden. The bees seem to like them too. Bees are so important for our gardens. Did you know you can help the bees by leaving out some water for them? A simple tray with a few rocks, shells or sea tiles filled with water will do. Happy gardening and happy eating!

Bees like my mountain lupine flowers
Bees like my mountain lupine flowers
Sea tiles in a shallow bowl of water for the bees
Sea tiles in a shallow bowl of water for the bees
Pretty in pink and smells amazing

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  1. Mary Jordan

    Herb garden and flowers are doing well – and the bees thank you.


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