blueberry frozen yogurt

Blueberry frozen yogurt


What better way to get antioxidants and vitamin C from potent blueberries! This blueberry frozen yogurt is sweet, creamy and delicious.

Blueberry frozen yogurt in a glass dish topped with fresh blueberries.
A blueberry perfect dessert

Isn’t this just the most luscious, purple-tastic dessert?! And…oh my gosh…it is soooo yummy. I didn’t even feel guilty devouring this frozen treat since blueberries are an incredible SUPERFOOD.

Do you have an ice-cream maker gathering dust in the cupboard? How about some berries you’ve forgotten about from last summer in the back of the freezer? Bust them out and get making this intense, delicious, berry-perfect treat!

Blueberries are bursting with vitamin C and antioxidants

With a little planning, you can have this yummy frozen yogurt on your table in less than 20 minutes.

I had delicious Washington blueberries in the freezer. They were picked fresh at their peak of sweetness last summer. You can also substitute other mixed frozen berries in this recipe and get great results.

Photo collage of fresh picked blueberries on the left. And kids picking blueberries on the right.
Picking blueberries

We had so much fun picking these gorgeous fresh berries. It’s an activity we’ll definitely do again this summer. It’s an easy activity that kids of any age can enjoy. Frozen berries are great to have on hand for tossing in muffins, banana bread or in your morning yogurt and cereal.

Beautiful blueberry frozen yogurt in a dish topped with fresh blueberries.

This recipe is good for a 1.5 quart size ice-cream maker. I have a teeny 1 pint ice-cream maker (2 cup). So, after combining everything below, I split the mixture in half and make two small batches. If you have a small ice-cream maker, make sure both bowls are frozen. I freeze the second batch in a well-sealed container for use next-day. Alternatively, you can cut the recipe in half for a smaller ice-cream maker.

Blueberry frozen yogurt

What better way to get antioxidants and vitamin C from potent blueberries! This blueberry frozen yogurt is sweet, creamy and delicious.

  • 1 1/2 cups frozen blueberries (thaw slightly and mashed (use a food processor))
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 2 1/2 cups plain, low-fat yogurt
  • 1/2 cup half-n-half cream
  1. Follow your ice-cream maker’s instructions for preparation prior to use. With mine, I have to freeze the bowls really well (usually over-night). Mash up the blueberries in a food processor. In a large bowl, combine the mashed berries and sugar. Mix well, then add the yogurt and half-n-half. Mix again. Add the desired amount of mixture into the ice-cream maker. Turn it on and churn for at least 15 to 20 minutes or until the desired consistency is reached.

Special equipment needed: Ice-cream maker and food processor


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