Two martini glasses with sugared rims featuring the side car cocktail. A pink rose is nestled in-between the glasses.
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Classic sidecar cocktail


The sidecar is a classic cocktail that doesn’t go out of style. It is a citrusy cocktail with a lovely balance between sweet and sour flavors. It consists of Cointreau, Cognac, and lemon. This recipe is inspired by the book Sold on a Monday, by Kristina McMorris. It is July’s read […]

Two lusciously pink martinis. A shaker and bottle of limoncello are in the background.
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Pink penguin martini


Inspired by Where’d You Go Bernadette? The pink penguin martini is a refreshingly sweet and tangy pink lemonade martini perfect for a Friday night chill out. This drink is inspired by the book Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. And it is the first installment of my online Foodie […]

A glass of apple grape smoothie with a lime slice.
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Apple grape super green smoothie


Ready for something tasty and healthy? Start your day off right with this antioxidant and vitamin-rich apple grape super green smoothie. It makes a great after school snack too. This super smoothie is high in vitamins A, B, C as well as many minerals. This apple grape super green smoothie tastes […]


Strawberry lemonade


Nothing beats a tall cool strawberry lemonade on a hot summer day! Homemade tastes much better than anything store bought. And you can adjust the sugar levels to your taste. I’ve listed a couple of other variations below as well to make it a “sparkling strawberry lemonade.” Adding some fizzy […]

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Lemon granita


It’s hot! It’s summer! Happy Canada Day! Today is July 1st and so begins our week of summer festivities in my family as we celebrate both Canada Day and Independence Day. Boost your summer celebrations and beat the heat with this sweet and tart cool slushy treat. I love lemon […]