Holiday favorites

Breakfast, Holiday favorites

Easy cinnamon rolls


Easy cinnamon rolls topped with a delicious cream cheese frosting are a heavenly family favorite. We like to make cinnamon rolls around the holidays or for a special weekend treat. My kids LOVE this cream cheese frosting. “It’s just like Cinnabon!” They eagerly claimed. And that made my day. In […]

Glasses filled with cherry and blueberry fools dessert. It shows the layers of cream and fruit.
Desserts, Holiday favorites

Cherry and blueberry fools


Cherry and blueberry fools are an easy and pretty dessert for fourth of July or summertime fun. It’s Northwest cherry season! Fresh cherries are everywhere at the local farmer’s markets. Cherry and blueberry fools are a sweet, creamy dessert that uses fresh seasonal fruit, whipped cream and Greek yogurt. Serve […]

A full banana cream pie featuring loads of whipped cream and bananas in the middle
Desserts, Holiday favorites

Old fashioned banana cream pie


This old fashioned banana cream pie is a decadent cold and creamy treat on a warm summer’s day. Billowy layers of banana, vanilla and cream come together on a graham cracker crust. It’s a delicious classic for a family picnic or BBQ. Start the diet tomorrow and dig right in. […]

A stack of chocolate mint nanaimo bars.
Desserts, Holiday favorites

Chocolate mint Nanaimo bars


Chocolate mint Nanaimo bars are a delicious no-bake layered treat. Each bite is a tasty balance of texture and flavor featuring a soft minty custard middle sandwiched between chocolate and a coconut-graham crumb base. Chocolate mint Nanaimo bars are a tasty treat with an afternoon cup of tea or as […]