Holiday favorites

Sweet and tangy meatballs ready for the party.
Appetizers, Holiday favorites

Sweet and tangy meatballs


Nothing beats a sweet and tangy meatball when you need an appetizer or buffet item in a pinch. Serve these bad boys up in a crock-pot to keep them warm and let your guests help themselves. These sweet and tangy meatballs are perfect for New Years. This recipe also makes […]

A slice of pumpkin spice cake topped with cream cheese frosting. Fall foliage in the background.
Desserts, Holiday favorites

Cake mix pumpkin spice cake


Tis the season for pumpkin and pumpkin spice! This cake mix pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting is sure to please. Sometimes you just need things to be easy. Sometimes, you just need a no-fail, deliciously moist cake everyone loves. THIS is the cake!! This post contains affiliate links. […]

A slice of coconut flour cake with Italian meringue frosting. Pink tulips in the background.
Desserts, Gluten free, Holiday favorites

Coconut flour cake


Coconut flour cake is light, airy and flavored with just a hint of lemon. Pairing it with an Italian meringue frosting and dusted with coconut flakes makes it sumptuous and delicious. Coconut flour cake is gluten free and delicious. This light and fluffy coconut cake was devoured at our last […]

A hearty bowl of Irish beef stew. Fresh thyme leaves on the side.
Holiday favorites, Soups

Irish beef stew


There is something so delicious about a great bowl of rich and hearty Irish beef stew made with Guinness. In this recipe, I use beef chuck roast, which when roasted low and slow becomes very tender. Traditional Irish stew is made from lamb. I can only imagine the lovely green […]