Pasta, Plant-based

Vegan summer vegetable pasta


With just a few fresh vegetables you can make this easy and flavorful vegan summer vegetable pasta dish in less than 30 minutes. Choose your favorite pasta. Regular or gluten free spaghetti, penne or farfalle are all perfect for this dish. Heart healthy Mediterranean diet This vegan summer vegetable pasta […]

A big bowl of creamy cheesy mac and cheese topped with parsley sprigs.
Instant Pot, Pasta

Instant Pot macaroni and cheese


Yes, you can make creamy, delicious macaroni and cheese in an Instant Pot / electric pressure cooker / multi-cooker!! I use a blend of sharp cheddar cheese, Neufchatel cheese and Parmesan cheese in this homemade macaroni and cheese recipe. This blend of cheeses gives a rich creamy and tangy flavor. Plus it’s easy and fun to make!

Pasta spaghetti with meat sauce.
Instant Pot, Pasta

Instant Pot bolognese sauce


Bolognese is a versatile meat sauce that can dress up many different kinds of pasta such as spaghetti, pappardelle, penne or rigatoni. Recently, I’ve started making my favorite traditional bolognese sauce in my Instant Pot.  Whether this Instant Pot bolognese sauce recipe is cooked fast or slow it makes a […]

Gluten free mac and cheese in a round bowl.
Gluten free, Pasta

Gluten free macaroni and cheese


A blend of aged Beecher’s flagship cheese and creamy Neufchatel cheese makes this gluten free baked macaroni and cheese rich and delicious. Home made macaroni and cheese is so creamy and delicious. Since I started eating gluten free, I thought I’d have to give up this family favorite. But gluten […]

A small white platter with classic spaghetti and meatballs piled high.
Main courses, Pasta

Classic spaghetti and meatballs


Classic spaghetti and meatballs in a marinara sauce is one dinner everyone in my family gets excited about. And even if you’re gluten-free, you can still enjoy this fresh homemade dish. Did you know today (Oct 17) is National Pasta Day? In fact the whole month of October is Italian-American […]

Mediterranean diet, Pasta

Pappardelle with sausage and peppers


Pappardelle with sausage and peppers is a sweet and savory Southern Italian classic. Pappardelle is a long, broad, flat noodle. It’s shape is perfect for soaking up the luscious tomato sauce and herbs in this tasty dish. I learned how to make pappardelle with sausage and peppers while attending a […]