Three thyme roasted pears on a white plate.
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Thyme roasted pears


Break out of your hum-drum vegetable routine and serve up these sweet and fragrant thyme roasted pears. Thyme roasted pears make a great side dish to so many different meals. If you are plant-based, try them with any vegetable soup, stew or salad. For the meat eaters in your family, […]

Roasted hubbard squash in an oval blue bowl.
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Picante hubbard squash


Picante hubbard squash is roasted hubbard squash with red pepper flakes. It is a tasty side dish for many savory wintery meals. I learned to make hubbard squash like this while living in Italy. They called it picante zucca, which translates to spicy squash. Hubbard squash is a large squash, […]

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Potato and green bean salad


Potato and green bean salad is not your ordinary potato salad. This vegetable dish provides a low-fat alternative to the summer potato salad classic. It’s lemon-herb flavors are refreshing and perfect for a day out at the beach or as a BBQ side dish. I find the flavor and texture […]