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Pear and arugula salad


Add seasonal freshness to your table with this festive pear and arugula salad. It features candied pumpkin spice pecans, dried cherries, sun flower seeds and a white wine vinaigrette. This plant based recipe is both healthy and packed full of flavor. Pears are surprisingly high in vitamin C. They are […]

A large bowl of panzanella salad featuring soft mozzarella, tomatoes, gluten free croutons and basil.
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Gluten free panzanella salad


Fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and gluten-free croutons make up this simple, yet delicious summer salad. I like to make this gluten free panzanella salad at the height of tomato season. Fresh tomatoes right from the garden are best. This recipe is inspired by the book Farm City: The Education of […]

A big wooden spoon holds a large piece of broccoli over a big bowl of fresh broccoli salad.

Northwest broccoli salad


This old-fashioned broccoli salad is all dressed up with Northwest dried Bing cherries, Craisins, walnuts and sun flower seeds. Northwest broccoli salad is a tasty side salad for any summer cook out. Dried Bing cherries are plump and sweet. They add a delicious sweetness to this classic salad. This post […]

A large glass salad bowl filled with strawberry and spinach salad. Vinaigrette in a jar on the side.
Plant-based, Salads

Strawberry spinach salad


Get a healthy dose of vitamins in this nutrient-rich strawberry spinach salad with balsamic vinaigrette. This bright and flavorful salad is the perfect balance of sweetness, acidity and crunch. The dressing for this salad is super easy to make. Balsamic vinegar is a dark, intensely flavored vinegar that is glossy […]

Large platter of peaches, fresh mozzarella slices and basil. Topped with balsamic glaze.

Peach caprese salad


Sweet summer peaches, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil leaves are a summery delicious flavor combination in this peach caprese salad. Fresh local peaches from Eastern Washington are abundant this time of year. And they’re perfect for this fresh and tasty peach caprese salad. The caprese salad traditionally includes fresh tomato […]

A jar and spoon with creamy avocado dressing. A salad in the background.
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Creamy avocado dressing


This creamy avocado dressing is a new favorite of mine. In fact, I may be just a wee bit avocado obsessed! Salads certainly don’t have to be boring. And this dressing helps take a salad with grilled chicken from ordinary to avocado-may-zing! Creamy avocado dressing is simple, fresh and healthy. It also […]

A bright bowl of tuscan farro salad.
Plant-based, Salads

Tuscan farro salad


Tuscan farro salad with cucumbers and tomatoes is a light and healthy alternative to traditional potato salad. It’s perfect for picnics and makes a great side dish for summer cookouts. What is farro? Farro, like Bob’s Red Mill Organic Farro is an ancient form of wheat that was a staple […]