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Introducing foodie book club

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Reading provides inspiration

This post is about doing something new creatively and gaining a fresh start. In addition to sharing recipes on this site, I’ve decided to host an online foodie book club. What’s that you say? Well, about once a month, I will share thoughts about a book, as well as a recipe inspired by that book. I invite you to join me. Read and cook if you are so inspired. Let’s chat about the books we read. Also, if you are already a part of a book club, you may find these recipes inspire you to make and share them at your next book club meeting.

Food inspired recipes are listed below. Reading provides much inspiration in life including making delicious food.

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Reading List

Below is the list of upcoming books I plan to review and share a related recipe to. I update this list a few months out at a time so you can plan ahead. Come back here anytime to see the upcoming books or subscribe to my email newsletter for updates. I’m always open to suggestions. Book inspired recipes go live the last week of every month. To comment about the book or the recipe, click on the inspired recipe post. The great thing about an online book club is that you can read at your own pace and comment at any time (even after the target month). And you can be from anywhere in the world. Your local library is a great free resource to obtain these books. The more people involved, the more fun it is. Feel free to invite your friends to read along.

2019 Reading List and Book Inspired Recipe

  • Nov – Dec Break

Why a book club?

Photo of me and my children.
Me and my #1 priorities

For several months in 2019, I took a blogging break. I needed that time to focus on my priorities and to find my “joy in the kitchen” again. During this time, I re-discovered the joy of reading. I found that reading was not only a great escape, it helped me re-focus my energy.

I decided to combine my love of reading with cooking. And that’s where the foodie book club comes in. I would love to hear your thoughts on the stories and recipes I share inspired by them. Have you ever been inspired by a book? Are you already in a book club? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. At the end of each book-themed post, I recommend another book. If you have any book or recipe suggestions, feel free to email me.




  1. I love this! How absolutely wonderful and I completely understand that sense of losing joy from doing something you used to love due to pressure. I’m signing up! Love reading foodie books and cooking from them. Congratulations too 💓

  2. I just finished the book and loved it. I saw the Pink Penguin Martini recipe pop up on Facebook with the movie ad and plan to see the it with several girlfriends on 8/23. We’re going to have PP Martinis with our popcorn. They should pair well, agree?? We might even start a book club and include your recipes at our meetings. Thank you so much for sharing this fun book club idea!

    • Hi Mari, That’s great. Book clubs are fun and it’s even more fun to include a themed recipe or cocktail at the meetings. Pink Penguin martinis pair with anything in my opinion. Enjoy!


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