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A grazing board of spiced fig and pear jam on sliced baguette with brie and cheddar cheeses.

Spiced fig and pear jam


Spiced fig and pear jam is a delicious spread perfect for entertaining and pairing with a variety of cheeses. This recipe for spiced fig and pear jam is infused with warm spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and a hint of cloves.

A bowl of slow cooker chicken soup featuring fresh veggies.

Slow cooker chicken and garden vegetable soup


  Slow cooker chicken and garden vegetable soup is one of our favorite go to mid-week meals. I make this heart-warming vitamin-packed soup once a week. Then I enjoy the left overs for lunch. Slow cooker meals top my list of family dinners right now. They are great to come […]

A large bowl of panzanella salad featuring soft mozzarella, tomatoes, gluten free croutons and basil.

Gluten free panzanella salad


  Fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and gluten-free croutons make up this simple, yet delicious summer salad. I like to make this gluten free panzanella salad at the height of tomato season. Fresh tomatoes right from the garden are best. This recipe is inspired by the book Farm City: The Education […]

Two BBQ chicken sliders placed on a cutting board. Pickles and buns in the background.

Instant Pot BBQ chicken sliders


  Use your electric pressure cooker to whip up this family favorite. Instant Pot BBQ chicken sliders are a quick meal any day of the week. Serve with classic coleslaw and sweet bread and butter pickles. This post may contain affiliate links. See policy for more information. I like to […]

A close up of one large date square. A small dinner plate in the background holds several other date squares.

Canadian date squares


  Canadian date squares are a sweet treat made of cooked dates and a crumbly oatmeal topping. They are commonly enjoyed with a cup of coffee or as a snack food. Date squares can easily be made gluten-free. They are snapped up in a flash at every gathering I bring […]

A big wooden spoon holds a large piece of broccoli over a big bowl of fresh broccoli salad.

Northwest broccoli salad


  This old-fashioned broccoli salad is all dressed up with Northwest dried Bing cherries, Craisins, walnuts and sun flower seeds. Northwest broccoli salad is a tasty side salad for any summer cook out. Dried Bing cherries are plump and sweet. They add a delicious sweetness to this classic salad. This […]

Two martini glasses with sugared rims featuring the side car cocktail. A pink rose is nestled in-between the glasses.

Classic sidecar cocktail


  The sidecar is a classic cocktail that doesn’t go out of style. It is a citrusy cocktail with a lovely balance between sweet and sour flavors. It consists of Cointreau, Cognac, and lemon. This recipe is inspired by the book Sold on a Monday, by Kristina McMorris. It is July’s […]

A big jar of creamy buttermilk ranch dressing. Fresh purple chive flowers and a garden salad are in the background.

Buttermilk ranch dressing


This vintage buttermilk ranch dressing recipe makes your simple garden salad taste amazing. You may not ever want to reach for the Hidden Valley Ranch bottle again.

A large portion of peach crisp is topped with vanilla ice-cream. Fresh peaches are in the background.

Old fashioned peach crisp


  Summer would not be complete without a fresh fruit crisp. This old-fashioned peach crisp with cinnamon, oats and pecans is delicious served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Each summer we highly anticipate the sweet peaches our little backyard peach tree produces. This old-fashioned peach crisp is a […]

An oval white bowl filled with creamy Dungeness crab dip fresh out of the oven.

Dungeness crab dip


  Rich, creamy and oh so gooey, this hot Dungeness crab dip is a hit at every party. We use fresh caught West coast Dungeness crab in this crab dip recipe. It’s slightly sweet and delicate meat pairs well with the other savory, cheesy and slightly spicy ingredients. This post […]