Seattle Farmer’s Markets

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It’s that time of year again! Farmer’s markets are popping up everywhere. Farmer’s markets offer up fresh local produce, local artisan food products as well as arts and crafts. It’s a fun place to stroll, people watch and look for anything from flowers to produce to artwork.

You might even find yourself in the center of the universe ~ Fremont. The best thing about exploring the farmer’s markets is that they are all often just a little bit different. Each has something unique to offer whether it’s an amazing view, quaint neighborhood shopping as well as each one happens on different days of the week.

Produce at the market

All of the Seattle farmer’s markets are in full swing by the first week of June. Most are closed on major holidays.

I put together a handy list of farmer’s market’s in the area which you can download and save for future reference. Post it on your fridge and mark your calendars. Happy shopping and exploring!

Farmer’s market list

What’s your favorite thing at the farmer’s market? Do you have a favorite neighborhood market? I like samples and trying new products. Leave me a comment below! I’d love hear from you. Thanks for visiting.


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  1. It’s a treat for me to visit Farmers’ Markets. I like the freshness of the vegetables, the variety, and I look for organic. I treat myself to home-made dill pickles, if I find them.


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