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A bowl of hearty classic beef stew with a side salad.

Classic beef stew


This classic beef stew recipe has everything I love about a hearty beef stew. Tender beef, potatoes, carrots, garlic, onions, celery and gravy. It’s savory and beefy.

A big juicy hamburger with lettuce and ketchup being held up. Pickles in the background.
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Best hamburger recipe


Nothing beats a juicy flavorful homemade hamburger! If you’re ready to amp-up your grilling game, you’ll love this simple yet flavorful recipe. I call this the “best hamburger recipe” because it bursts with classic flavors, but you can easily adjust it or make it spicier to your tastes. There are […]

A hearty bowl of slow cooker beef and broccoli. Fresh broccoli sprigs in the background.
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Slow cooker beef and broccoli


This slow cooker beef and broccoli recipe is an easy way to get the flavor of a beef stir fry at home. Using a slow cooker to cook a boneless chuck roast makes the meat melt-in-your-mouth tender. I love the ease of a slow cooker because you can walk away […]

A big scoop of beef shepherd's pie with broccoli on the side.
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Beef shepherd’s pie


Beef shepherd’s pie is a savory gluten-free casserole. Seasoned ground beef and vegetables are topped with mashed potatoes and baked in the oven. Warm and comforting, this flavorful dish is a family favorite. I originally made this casserole around St. Patrick’s day because I wanted something other than corned beef […]

Ground beef taco meat on a flour tortilla
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Ground beef tacos


These ground beef tacos are fresh and flavorful. Making your own seasoning is super easy. There is no MSG and you can spice it up as much as you like. Ground beef tacos are versatile too. The seasoned ground beef is delicious on nachos or beef burritos. Ground beef tacos […]