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Main courses

Meatball Stroganoff


Meatball stroganoff with a creamy gravy and mushrooms served with egg noodles makes for a comforting and delicious week-night meal. You can make this meatball stroganoff in 30 minutes. Garnish with fresh Italian parsley and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Left-overs from this meatball stroganoff reheat easily and make a great […]

Pasta, Plant-based

Vegan summer vegetable pasta


With just a few fresh vegetables you can make this easy and flavorful vegan summer vegetable pasta dish in less than 30 minutes. Choose your favorite pasta. Regular or gluten free spaghetti, penne or farfalle are all perfect for this dish. Heart healthy Mediterranean diet This vegan summer vegetable pasta […]

An oval bowl with Instant Pot mushroom risotto and Parmesan cheese on the side.
Instant Pot, Plant-based, Sides

Instant Pot mushroom risotto


Instant Pot mushroom risotto is savory, wholesome and creamy. It’s a great electric pressure cooker dish for a mid-week meal. This recipe can also be made plant-based. Savory mushroom risotto is one of my favorite dishes to make with an Instant Pot (electric pressure cooker). Imagine perfectly cooked el dente […]

A platter of crab stuffed mushrooms fresh out of the oven. Served with lemon slices.
Appetizers, Seafood

Crab stuffed mushrooms


Dungeness crab stuffed mushrooms make for a really delicious appetizer for a special occasion. White mushrooms are filled to the brim with Dungeness crab that we caught over the summer. If you have cooked crab meat in the freezer, this is a great recipe to try. It’s similar to a […]

A fork holding up a mushroom over a plate of butternut squash and mushroom risotto

Butternut squash and mushroom risotto


Butternut squash is a slightly sweet and nutty winter squash that lends itself well to many dishes including creamy risotto. This butternut squash dish is creamy, earthy and flavorful. Serve it by itself or as a side complement to chicken or pork. Risottos (and pasta) are often served as a first […]