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Orange marinated salmon tacos


Spice and citrus flavors compliment these orange marinated salmon tacos served with Baja-slaw and guacamole. We love tacos because they are so versatile. This orange marinated salmon taco is a family favorite. Orange marinated salmon tacos are easy to prepare. They taste great when served with a classic Baja slaw. […]

Several smoked salmon and leek mini quiche on a bed of arugula. Lemon slices on the side.
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Smoked salmon and leek mini quiche


Smoked salmon and spring leeks are a great spring flavor combination for mini quiche. In these mini quiche, I use shredded hash brown potatoes as the base instead of the traditional pastry which also makes them gluten free. This post contains affiliate links. See policy for disclosure. By using a […]

A juicy fresh salmon cake burger with tartar sauce on the side.

Fresh salmon cake burgers


Moist and flavorful fresh salmon cake burgers are a delicious treat. Mmmmn, they are all kinds of amazing and are super easy to prepare the patties ahead of time. I use fresh salmon in these burgers rather than canned salmon, which is perhaps a little different than the average salmon […]

A large platter of grilled salmon with blueberries on the side.

How to grill salmon and fish – 4 easy tips


Get four easy tips on how to grill salmon or fish. Juicy succulent salmon or fish is possible on the grill. Grilling fish isn’t as scary as it sounds. With these four easy tips, you’ll be grilling salmon or other fish like a pro. Salmon is one of my family’s […]

A bowl of creamy seafood bisque
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Seattle seafood bisque


Seattle seafood bisque is a creamy seafood stew made with a mix of fresh seafood common to the Pacific Northwest. I prefer this seafood bisque with salmon, crab and sea scallops. However, you can use any mix of seafood you prefer such as shrimp, crab and clams. If you use […]